Unique Pool Cleaning Technology

The Gemini, commercial pool cleaner, offers features and performance like no other pool cleaner on the market. Our patented AquaSmart System™ is the key to Gemini's high-performance characteristics. The AquaSmart System is a unique electronic program linked to a sophisticated directional control mechanism. This combination of on-board computer and electro-mechanical design enables the Gemini to literally map any pool configuration to thoroughly and efficiently clean your aquatic facility in a measured, systematic manner that eliminates wasteful wear & tear overlapping cleaner motions. The result is a significant increase in reliability and cleaning accuracy.

Its modern styling and advanced technology gives the Gemini the ability to clean and vacuum any Olympic size or junior Olympic-size pool in as little as three hours.
A stainless steel chassis and industrial drive belts, coupled with Gemini’s standard zero-depth air sensor, wireless 4-directional radio remote control, infrared obstacle detection and Auto-Start Delay System make this unit the ultimate commercial pool cleaning system.

The Gemini is engineered to stand up to the most strenuous pool cleaning tasks. The result is a significant increase in reliability and performance.
Commercial Power Supply
All our pool cleaning units come with an advanced power supply, thus making them the most versatile Commercial - Public pool cleaners on the market. The totally redesigned LCD display allows a total control of cleaning options. Fully customizable, it comprises six programs to choose from according to pool’s needs.


Calculated ground speed:

18 meter/min (70 ft / min)

Calculated scanning rate:

865 m2 / hr (9307 sqft / hr)

Cleaning Programs:

Six cleaning programs to choose from

Pumping Capacity:

(automatically controlled)

166 gal / min (37.7 m3 / hr)

Filter Bag  
- Filter area (2 filter bags): 16.6 ft2 (15,500 cm2 )
- Porosity: 2 x reusable up to 2 micron
Motor Unit  
- Power consumption:


- Voltage: 24V DC
- Current: 9 A
Power Supply  
- Input:

230V / 50 Hz

or 115 / 60 Hz (special order)

- Output: 36V DC (without load)
- Capacity:


Electronic Control:

Automatic shutdown

Wireless Remote Control Unit:  
- Transmission up to: 98 ft. (30m)
- Batteries: 1 X 9V BATTERY
- Manual remote control programming  
Dimensions & Weight:  
- Unit weight (without cable):

45 lbs (20.4 kg)

- Shipping weight:

81.4 lbs. (37 kg)

- Shipping weight including caddy: 114.2 lbs (51.8Kg)
- Shipping dimensions:

34.8 x 20.27 x 21.4 inch

(88.5 x 51.5 x 54.5 cm)

- Cable Length:

36 meter (120 feet)

45 meter (150 feet) - special order

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